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The training program we’ve built at Golden State Events is unique and effective. We’ve created a system that allows each new associate’s strengths to shine. We want our people to have the tools they need to achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives.
We give everyone the chance to build an extensive professional network by attending industry conferences and other events. Our team members also form relationships with community business leaders as they grow in experience. We want every one of our associates to thrive, and networking is an essential part of their success.

Our team at Golden State Events can’t be matched, and there are a few reasons why:

  • We focus on collaboration rather than competition

  • Every person’s success is a victory for the team

  • Working together garners maximum impact

We invite the most driven individuals to join our team focused on collaboration. We pair our experienced associates with our brand-new team members to share their wisdom as they climb the ranks in our organization. Our people receive the support and feedback they need to do their very best, and in the process build careers that make a lasting change.

Culture built on collaboration

Travel the world

Travel is a key part of the Golden State Events experience. All our team members have abundant opportunities for travel both nationally and internationally. It’s just one way we reward dedication to our mission while enjoying everyone’s company. Ranging from trainings and conferences to island retreats, we provide the opportunity for out team to take on new experiences every day.

Work with us

 We have created positions to allow each team members strengths to shine. The hands on training program at Golden State Events was created to maximize impact and efficiency as a collective. Our company model works because of the highly motivated team members we have on board. They strive for success in everything they do.



Client associate

These team members oversee brand representation and fundraising during events. They master the Golden State Events’ business model, participate in the production of all event-based campaigns, and contribute to campaign-specific meetings.

Account Executive

Account Executives begin developing management skills by overseeing 1-3 events. While assisting in team member development, these event managers hone their skills by combining team member training with management layers.

Development Executive

Development Executives are expected to coordinate territory assignments, teach their colleagues about new campaigns, and act as points of contact between team members and brand leaders. Our Development Executives begin learning early operational skills while conducting research to make sure all brand expectations are met.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director position is designed to train individuals into the Director role. Those in this position conduct industry-related trainings, network, make direct contact with national clients, add new brands to the company’s portfolio, and nurture a dynamic by empowering office culture.


Directors oversee 20-25 team members as they create exciting event-based campaigns. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that all outreach expectations are met while motivating their team and on boarding candidates to fill available roles. Directors are also tasked with the facilitation of meetings and conference calls, monitoring and generating revenue for business growth.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators work closely with our clients to create new opportunities for outreach and brand awareness. They are tasked with coordinating schedules, managing compliance, and building relationships with our retail partners.


Being the first point of contact at Golden State Events, our Administrators are well-organized, have a positive and energetic attitude, are team players, and possess the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks. They report first hand to our Directors to work with them regarding office structure, outside correspondence, and overall efficiency.

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